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Divorce & Paternity LawyersDivorce in Tampa and the surrounding cities of St. Petersburg, Clearwater, New Port Richey, Wesley Chapel, Lutz and Brandon can be simple if it’s uncontested, or it can be an extremely complicated and involved process lasting as long as eighteen months.  The difference between a long and involved litigation and an efficient and fast divorce can be in the divorce lawyer that you select. Accordingly, picking the best divorce lawyer to handle your case is important.  The selection of an attorney is a very personal decision involving many different factors.

Divorce involves several issues:

  1. If you and your spouse have minor children, Florida law requires that a Parenting Plan be put together by the Court to outline your rights and responsibilities with respect to the major decisions facing the minor child(ren).  The Parenting Plan also includes a Timesharing Schedule, which has traditionally been referred to as a child visitation schedule or a child custody arrangement.  The Florida Parenting Plan (custody schedule) contains a significant amount of detail and usually covers the eventualities tied to children.
  2. Equitable Distribution serves to divide you and your spouse’s assets and liabilities.  Generally speaking, this division is to be equal but it is possible for one or both parties to request and unequal distribution based upon the circumstances of the case.  The Court (or the parties) creates an all inclusive listed of the parties’ assets and liabilities, values them, and then divides them equitably.
  3. Alimony is the financial support of a spouse during the pendency of a divorce, and for a period of time thereafter.  There are several forms of alimony that you or your spouse may qualify for, including permanent periodic; durational; bridge the gap; rehabilitative; lump sum; and temporary.  Generally speaking, in evaluating a parties’ claim for alimony the Court will look to the first spouse’s need for alimony, and if sufficient, will then look to the other spouse’s ability to pay such alimony.
  4. Child Support is the financial support of minor children who are born of the marriage.  Child support in the state of Florida is determined by a calculation set forth by Florida Statute §61.30.  This calculation takes into consideration the financial circumstances of the parties, the amount of overnights each parent has as set forth by the Timesharing Schedule (visitation schedule/child custody arrangement), and any other factor that may affect the child’s needs or the circumstances of your case.
  5. Attorney’s Fees and costs may be awarded to either you or your spouse (to be paid by the other) based upon a requesting party’s financial need for attorney’s fees, and the other party’s financial ability to pay such amounts.
Custody and Timesharing

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The divorce lawyers at Metropolitan Law Group are experienced in Uncontested Divorce, Collaborative Divorce, and Contested Divorces.  We understand the importance of individual and personal attention to assist you through the difficult divorce process, and strive to provide you with several avenues of access to our divorce lawyers, including e-mail, text message and access to our cell phone numbers for emergencies that may arise night or day.

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