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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

DV Injunctions; Stalking Injunctions

Domestic Violence Attorneys

You can stop the abuse, and we will help, but you have to take the first step.

Every domestic violence case is deeply personal.  That’s why our attorneys take the time to develop a personal relationship with each of our clients, and to learn the details of your life and your domestic violence or stalking case.

Let our Domestic Violence Attorneys make sure the Court hears you when you ask for help. Our domestic violence attorneys have done the research and can craft better arguments tailored to your case by using legal precedent. You don’t have to stand up alone.

Civil Domestic Violence Injunctions

There are two types of domestic violence injunctions available under Florida Law: Criminal and Civil.  The most common type of injunction is a Civil Injunction which involves filing a petition with the local Clerk of Court and seeking the emergency aid of a judge to prohibit contact between the petitioner and the respondent.  Our domestic violence attorneys have both prosecuted and defended these cases, and are intimately familiar with the process, the courts and the standards that your case must live up to.  Though many people choose to either prosecute or defend their own domestic violence case, such self representation is dangerous and frequently harmful to your position.

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Criminal Domestic Violence Injunctions

When the police make an arrest as the result of a 911 call, the State Attorney’s office will start a criminal domestic violence case against the person who is arrested.  This case is filed in the public record and can affect your livelihood, your reputation and your family.  Protect yourself from the fallout of a criminal case by hiring one of our domestic violence defense attorneys today to fight your case.

Can an Accuser Drop a Domestic Violence Criminal Case?

The short answer is “no.”  The State of Florida has the right to prosecute your case even when the accuser has recanted his or her story.  That’s why, even where the accuser has backed away from their prior allegations, you need a criminal defense attorney to defend your case and help to pressure the State of Florida into dropping your case in its entirety.  Learn more by calling us today for a consultation: (813) 228-0658.