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Every business, whether small, medium or large, faces an up hill battle to comply with state and federal regulations, to maintain employees, to protect business secrets, and to serve customers with the level of skill and quality they deserve.  At Metropolitan Law Group, it’s our job to remove the stresses of legal compliance and litigation from the day to day operations of your company.

What we do:

We handle business needs of every company from its inception, through it’s growth and into its legacy years.  Whether you need an employment law attorney, a complex business litigation lawyer, or a general corporate counsel, we’ve got you covered:

  1. Corporate Formation:  What corporate entity is right for you?  A partnership? A Limited Liability Company (LLC)? How about a corporation (“inc.”)?  Our business attorney can help evaluate your needs to select which of the Florida business organizations fits your goals, and the needs of your new company.  From drafting customized operating agreements, bylaws and employment contracts, to negotiating and drafting documents for mergers & acquisitions, we can help.
  2. Contract Drafting & Review:  The very core of every business is the promises and agreements upon which it operates.  That’s why the drafting and review of your contracts is of the highest importance.  If you haven’t had an attorney review the documents vital to your company’s success, then you’re bound for lawsuits or collection trouble.  Don’t trust the most important part of your company’s operation to online, standard form websites. Consult with our attorneys.
  3. Commercial & Business Litigation:   Though always an avenue of last resort, sometimes it is necessary to engage in litigation.  Our experienced trial attorneys handle cases involving: breaches of contract; negligent misrepresentation; fraudulent misrepresentation; construction defects; home owner’s association disputes; complex business litigation; trade secret protection; copyright infringement litigation; trademark infringement litigation; federal administrative and judicial proceedings, and others.  Rest assured, if your company is involved in litigation, our attorneys have the experience to help.
  4. Employment Law: In addition to our other services, Metropolitan Law Group offers comprehensive employment law representation.  Whether you face Fair Labor Standards and Practices issues, or if your developing new positions and require employment agreements, we have the experience to protect your company.

Consult with a Tampa Business Attorney

While blog posts,, and other internet based information is helpful, nothing replaces the value of an in person consultation.  Our attorneys offer consultations on all cases, regardless of size, to better help you receive the assistance your company needs today.  Call us: (813) 228-0658.