Food, Drug and Healthcare Law

Our firm represents a variety of healthcare providers and professionals.  Metropolitan's attorneys represent clients in Nursing License actions, Skilled Nursing Facility Laws, general healthcare law matters, Tobacco Enforcement Actions, and Food & Drug law.  We pride ourselves on thorough and efficient representation to protect your license and business. 

Nurse License Lawyer DUI, Violations and License Denials

Skilled Nursing Facility Medicare/Medicaid, License Renewals, Audits & Defense

Food & Drug            Tobacco License Civil Money Penalties, FDA Law

Aggressive Representation, Client Focused

Our firm has represented professionals, doctors, scientists, business owners, and healthcare facilities.  Our medical license attorneys can help with your nurse license issues, or filing for renewal after a DUI/DWI.  Metropolitan Law Group can also help your Skilled Nursing Facility regain its license, or protect against fines and penalties.  In addition, our experience with the FDA, including tobacco enforcement civil money penalties can protect your business from no-tobacco sales orders.

Since 2012, our firm has represented and advised hundreds of professionals, businesses and licensees across the country.  Many of our clients have come to us in need of thorough and efficient attorneys to save their careers and businesses.  We pride ourselves on personal care for each case so that our clients can be informed and confident.  Our license lawyers will also aggressively represent your claim by devising fact specific strategies that are difficult to defend against.  We offer free consultations daily.

Skilled Nursing Facilities Attorney

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) (also called Nursing Homes) are certified by Medicare and Medicaid to provide services for elderly and disabled patients.  At the heart of any SNF is the certification.  So, Medicare audits and compliance checks from other groups are incredibly important.  If your facility has been the target of an audit from Medicare, Medicaid Administrative Contractors (MC), Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPIC), Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) or a private insurance company, you know how important organization is. 

  • Stark Law & Anti-Kickback

    Federal law prohibits medical professionals from referring patients to facilities and services in which they have a financial relationship.  This rule also prohibits referrals to immediate family members of the referring doctor. Violations of this law can have criminal consequences.  However, Metropolitan Law Group's attorneys can determine if an exception exists, and how to structure the business to comply.  Our healthcare lawyers can also represent providers accused of violating Stark Law.

  • Healthcare Audits

    The healthcare industry has been subject to greater scrutiny over the past decade.  It is commonplace for healthcare providers of all types to be audited by Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC), Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies.  In nearly all of these audits, the healthcare provider is subject to claims by the auditor.  Our healthcare attorneys represent providers in every step of the process, and provide audit defense services.  Our involvement can involve appeals and hearing appearances, communicating with auditors or participating in Medicare's Settlement Conference Facilitation (SCF) program.

  • Healthcare Regulatory Compliance

    A strong regulatory compliance program is necessary for healthcare providers who want to avoid audit claims.  A Metropolitan Law Group healthcare attorney can help your practice develop a framework for compliance, and implement the program through training.

  • HIPAA & HITECH Compliance

    The HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification rules are some of the most broadly interpreted rules in the country.  Every healthcare provider, and virtually every company that does business with them, is subject to HIPAA compliance standards.  HIPAA breaches happen more than providers would like.  Our HIPAA attorneys defend providers, professionals and nurses from HIPAA violation claims.

  • Healthcare Professional Licensing

    Metropolitan Law Group's healthcare lawyers represent clients against board reviews and patient complaints.  Doctors, nurses and healthcare providers depend upon their licensing and board certifications for insurance and employment.  We can help you protect those licenses.

Nurse Attorney

Our attorneys know that the backbone of the healthcare system is nursing.  Nurses have the most challenging jobs involving patients, treatment plan implementation, patient family advising and documentation.  The stress, hard work and long hours that go into being a nurse are difficult enough without having to worry about licensing and board problems.  Our Nurse Lawyers are here to help with licencing board actions, deposition representation, and compliance interviews.

We are proud to be both effective and affordable.  Our primary focus is to take the stress of dealing with these issues off of our clients, and to protect their licenses and livelihoods without breaking the bank.  Our nursing license lawyers represent clients in nursing license and disciplinary issues arising from:

  • Failing to maintain proficiency by missing out on continuing education programs;
  • Obtaining a criminal charge, like Driving Under the Influence (DUI) that reflect on the nurse's ability to perform his or her duries in a competent and professional manner;
  • Failing to provide care that rises to the level that nurses are expected to maintain in certain situations;
  • failing to meet the minimum experience or education requirements necessary to become licensed or certified; and
  • Committing a crime during the performance of professional duties, including unlawfully distributing a controlled substance, or possessing a controlled substance that improperly wasted or removed from a DEA licensed facility.

It is important to quickly address nursing license issues, so our attorneys work diligently to aggressively handle your case.  Do not delay in contacting our nursing license attorneys.

FDA Tobacco Enforcement Attorneys

Tobacco retailer warning letters and Civil Money Penalties arise when a retaileror manufacturer is accused of violating the law.  The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (and the Tobacco Control Act) is thorough and requires strict compliance.  Many of these letters are issued to online tobacco retailers and manufacturers for misbranding, foreign supplier verification program violations, and adulteration.  Other times, retailers are accused of selling tobacco to minors, which results in Civil Money Penalties and potentially no-tobacco-sale orders.

Our FDA Tobacco attorneys can help you bring your store or business into compliance with the FDA's rules.  We have represented retailers in administrative proceedings for a number of years, and can put our experience to work for you.  If you have received a Civil Money Penalty or a Warning Letter from the FDA, don't delay in seeking an attorney.  Call our Tobacco Enforcement Attorneys today.